Take a journey into the past to give students a greater understanding of world events and relevance to their current lives. Uncover the atrocities of Nazi Germany and walk in the footsteps of Diggers in battlefields of France and Belgium. Discover the key players during this period and the devastating events that evolved. Pay your respects to those gone but not forgotten.

Walk amongst the preserved ruins and step back in time to the centre of one of the largest empires the world has ever seen. Be inspired by tales of glory and gore at the Colosseum and be dazzled by the opulence and beauty of the city of Rome. Visit ancient towns and unforgettable landscapes to learn about the people and events that shaped their lives. Make history come alive!

Volcanoes, canyons, deserts and waterfalls are a few of the delights of the west coast of USA and Hawaii . Experience the beauty of the Grand Canyon while learning about the preservation of indigenous communities. Visit the ever-expanding metropolis of Las Vegas and the impact tourism plays and how it copes with the pressures of sustainability. Travel through the lush volcanic islands of Hawaii and explore the ecological uniqueness while enjoying a warm Polynesian welcome. Aloha!

Take a walking tour of Wall Street, where the financial and business district thrives. Mix a little business with pleasure while visiting the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and Central Park. Go behind the scenes at Macy's and gain industry insights into their business functions. Head west to San Francisco, the headquarters of huge global brands and the famous prison of Alcatraz. Tour Silicon Valley and it's high-tech corporations and entrepreneurial neighbourhoods.

Travel to the town of Alice Springs, located in the heart of Australia's outback. Learn about Aboriginal history and culture from local Aboriginal people and gain an understanding of the connections between plants, animals, people and landscapes. Visit local indigenous communities and engage in art and cooking activities. Finish off this top end experience with a visit to Kings Canyon and Kakadu.