With some of the most picturesque locations in the world for a game of football, New Zealand has it all; lush green football fields set amongst mountains, lakes and ocean backdrops. A football tour could include a stay on the sacred Maori Marae grounds whilst enjoying a traditionally cooked Hangi meal, a thrilling ride on the Shotover River Jet or a cruise on the Milford Sound. North and south itineraries available.

Equally as welcoming, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa are sensational destinations for a football tour. Visit the villages and schools, take an island cruise and play on the rustic fields. The locals’ smiles and warmth, the majestic beaches and relaxed atmosphere and the eager football teams, will ensure a truly memorable tour.

The challenge of travelling to Europe is there are so many destinations for a touring football team, it is difficult to decide on one region to visit. Staff from Estilo Sports Travel have an in depth understanding of football in Europe and will design an itinerary to suit your exact requirements. Your itinerary could include attending a game at one of the biggest professional football leagues in the world, playing games in iconic cities such as Rome, Barcelona, Paris and London. Alternatively, compete in one of the international football tournaments in Spain, Germany or the Netherlands.

Football or “soccer” has been growing in the USA since hosting the 1994 World Cup. With over 13 million people playing the game nationwide, Estilo Sports Travel can design a customised tour for your team, including San Francisco, LA and San Diego in the west or New York, Washington and Miami in the east. Consider a stop in Hawaii on your return leg for a final game and some last minute rest and relaxation.

Possibly the ultimate destination for a football tour, South America is a continent where virtually everyone is a football fanatic. Estilo Sports Travel offers fully guided tours that will take you from Santiago in Chile, over the Andes to Mendoza in Argentina, from Buenos Aires across the Rio de La Plata to Montevideo and possibly on to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

The host of the 2010 Football World Cup, South Africa is a keen footballing country with the sport now being played across the Country by schools and Clubs. With elite professional leagues, tertiary, school and youth leagues, there is an opponent to match your team. Football tours to South Africa could comprise a game drive in Kruger National Park, a trip up Table Mountain or to Robben Island in Cape Town, followed by some leisure time in Sun City.

Head to one or combine several of the big cities across Asia on your footballing adventure. Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines are all possible destinations. Immerse yourself in the cultures, savour the cuisines, explore the cities and unique traditions of the footballing nations throughout Asia.

As the most popularly played team sport in Australia, a football tour “Down Under” may take you from the sparkling waters of Queensland’s beaches to the rugged outback of the Northern Territory. Play games in any of the states and territories, visit Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Perth, see Sydney Harbour or take a flight to Uluru. A trip to the outback will create lasting memories for all international visitors.