Creative Arts


Take to the stage and let your inner star shine. Student workshops are offered by industry professionals and ample opportunities are provided to improve your performance skills. Participate in live shows at exciting venues and soak up the atmosphere in destinations such as London, New York and LA.

Enjoy a whirl-wind tour of Europe visiting some of the most prestigious musical venues in the world. Improve your performance skills by participating in workshops and live performances alongside professional conductors and acclaimed musicians. Be inspired by the magnificent backdrop of these European cities and visit the birthplace of some of history’s most famous musicians.

New York and Europe are our most popular destinations for Visual Arts Tours. A trip to New York includes all the iconic sites that make this vibrant city so appealing and students can participate in workshops hosted by professional artists. On the other side of the world, Italy and France offer students an opportunity to experience some of the world's most revered artworks. Visits to museums and galleries and field trips through breathtaking landscapes will inspire any budding artist.